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Tikva Umarpe Visit


16th January 2019
Larnaca, Cyprus
On Wednesday, 16th of January, Friendship Circle received a group of 110 children from Israel, from the Tikva Umarpe Organizaton.
Tikva Umarpe was founded in 2001 and has since been the only organization in Israel to have embraced children with kidney disease, failure and on dialysis.
The children, which are here on a two day tour from Israel, were welcomed by the Jewish Community of Cyprus and the volunteers of Friendship Circle, at an event with live music, a delicious buffet and games for children of all ages.
The women of the Jewish Community of Cyprus prepared a fun and tasty buffet for the children to enjoy.
The Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin welcomed the guests along with the Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Shmuel Revel. The event was organized by Friendship Circle, as well as the leaders of the Jewish Community of Cyprus.
Always full of love and passion, we invite you to join our voluteering program!
Contact us at 24242770, or our Activities Director at 97835501. 
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Hospital Care Campaign continues


We have undertaken yet another successful visit to Makarios children's hospital as part of our Hospital Care Campaign!
With activities and entertainers we interacted with the precious kids and gave them some wonderful little gifts and balloons😀🎁 
They loved it and so did we! 
Putting together a group of volunteers and professionals to entertain and interact with hospitalized children, brings some much needed joy into their hospital stay and a heartwarming glow to the parents.
Looking Forward to many more interactions like this!
Join our team on our mission to make the children of Cyprus happy.
To volunteer and support us:
Call Friendship Circle at 24242770, Or contact our coordinator, Elizabeth at 97835501 through any social media platform.
Follow us on Instagram @friendshipcirclecy
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