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Back To School Project


In September, Friendship Circle started working on their “Back To School Campaign” that will be running until the end of September 2019, when schools are fully reopened.

 We provided a large number of families with school supplies for their children, who could not afford the basics, such as a school bag and stationary.

In the process Friendship Circle came across some of the most sensitive families, for whom they provided further assistance, such as food supplies and extra support.

This project was carried out thanks to the generosity and help of wonderful people, such as Mrs. Elita Kaoura Michaelidou on behalf of Mavros Toy store in Nicosia, Mr. Murcury and his family on behalf of Statcom AC Trading who both made a vast donation of certain school supplies, as well as Karatzis Taxi service, Active Radio, ORB Communications, Dalaro Shipping and Mr. Paul from Simply lunchbox who all kindly contributed to this great cause.

 We are extremely thankful that we have the opportunity to do good, which helps us surround ourselves with equally good and positive people. We want to encourage more people to join us on our mission of giving and change as many lives as we can. If you are interested in joining, please contact Friendship Circle at 24242770 or our activities director at 97835501, or email office@friendshipcircle.eu.

More information can be found on their website https://www.friendshipcircle.eu/ . You may follow Friendship Circle on Instagram @friendshipcirclecy and facebook “Friendship Circle” to support them further.

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Tikva Umarpe Visit


16th January 2019
Larnaca, Cyprus
On Wednesday, 16th of January, Friendship Circle received a group of 110 children from Israel, from the Tikva Umarpe Organizaton.
Tikva Umarpe was founded in 2001 and has since been the only organization in Israel to have embraced children with kidney disease, failure and on dialysis.
The children, which are here on a two day tour from Israel, were welcomed by the Jewish Community of Cyprus and the volunteers of Friendship Circle, at an event with live music, a delicious buffet and games for children of all ages.
The women of the Jewish Community of Cyprus prepared a fun and tasty buffet for the children to enjoy.
The Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin welcomed the guests along with the Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Shmuel Revel. The event was organized by Friendship Circle, as well as the leaders of the Jewish Community of Cyprus.
Always full of love and passion, we invite you to join our voluteering program!
Contact us at 24242770, or our Activities Director at 97835501. 
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Hospital Care Campaign continues


We have undertaken yet another successful visit to Makarios children's hospital as part of our Hospital Care Campaign!
With activities and entertainers we interacted with the precious kids and gave them some wonderful little gifts and balloons😀🎁 
They loved it and so did we! 
Putting together a group of volunteers and professionals to entertain and interact with hospitalized children, brings some much needed joy into their hospital stay and a heartwarming glow to the parents.
Looking Forward to many more interactions like this!
Join our team on our mission to make the children of Cyprus happy.
To volunteer and support us:
Call Friendship Circle at 24242770, Or contact our coordinator, Elizabeth at 97835501 through any social media platform.
Follow us on Instagram @friendshipcirclecy
Friendship Circle Eu
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 Since 2008, the FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE has been providing assistance and support to people in need, within the community.

  On monday, May 27th FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE along with a few kind-hearted volunteers from comic con cyprus visited the children’s ward of Makarios hospital. The group of volunteers entertained and interacted with the children, helping them forget the pain they go through on a daily basis and adding joy and happiness to their hospital stay. The staff of the hospital joined in the fun, with a clown making balloon animals for the joyful children, as superheroes played games with them. The outcome of the visit was so successful that the group of entertainers was given permission to meet a few children of the oncology children’s ward and put a smile on their faces too. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone and we look forward to many more such projects. Do you have any friends or relatives who might need our support? If you do, feel free to contact us on our webpage stated below as we are willing to help anyone who needs us.

  The FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE kindly encourages you to volunteer and join our team - it only takes a minute to help someone in need. To volunteer or contact FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE on any other matter, please contact the Friendship Circle EU: Tel: 96508317 or Email: office@friendshipcircle.eu




 This Easter at Friendship Circle, we are organizing Beautiful Easter Gift Baskets for 250 families who need support. We are still in need for 105. This is your chance to give from your heart. Anything you give will go straight to these Cypriot families who are in need.


Show your support by giving essential food items such as Pasta, Flour, UHT Milk, and Other items that families in need could enjoy over the Easter holiday . To view our Friendship Circle Facebook just click the link. You can send us the items via Travel or Akis express, or We can come to you and pick up to make it as easy for you as possible. All you need to do is pledge your Friendship. As is our moto:


Your Friendship is a Special Gift

Generously Given

Happily Accepted

And Deeply Appreciated


Do not wait for others to do the right thing. Be the change you want to see in the world.

 Looking forward to hearing from you. 

 Kind Regards

 Eleni Kyriacou

Friendship Circle Cyprus (Government Registration: 315) 

Phone +357 2424 2770
Fax +357 2424 2771


Address: Diogenous 7B, P.O Box 42461, 6534, Larnaca, Cyprus


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Help us give to those who need, contact us at 2424 2770 or email office@friendshipcircle.eu

No donation is too small. We are looking for foodstuff, blankets, bath and face towels.



 We at Friendship Circle want to say a Special Thank You to














 for allowing us to have our Charity Cans in view of the public. Any small amount that you give will go such a long way 




Newspaper Article in Cyprus Weekly


Volunteers Needed!



Friendship Circle is asking for volunteers to help us in our efforts to help
those in need. Volunteers will assist in various programs and reap the
rewards of selfless giving.
Friendship Circle ειναι ενας μη-κερδοσκοπικος οργανισμος ο οποιος

Παρεχει υποστηριξη και καθοδηγηση σε ατομα με ειδικες αναγκες και στις

Οικογενειες τους.

ζητουμε εθελοντες να μας βοηθησουν να στηριξουμε ανθρωπους που 

εχουν αναγκη.

Medical equipment needed!


Friendship Circle- is kindly asking for donations of any medical supplies that you have used and have no need for any more. Crutches, wheel chairs, oxygen tanks or other items that help people to feel better. We will do the work for you. We will pick up these items and take them to people that really are in need right now. Call us on 24242770 or email us: office@friendshipcircle.eu. In order to receive you must first give. Your small donation will be such a big one for those that are in need. 

To visit our facebook page click here.

Friendship Circle - ζητά οποιοδήποτε να δωρίσουν μεταχειρισμενα, αναπηρικά αμαξίδια , φιαλη οξυγόνου πατερίτσες ή οποιοδήποτε άλλο πράγμα που χρησιμοποιείται για να βοηθήσει τους ασθενείς να αισθάνονται καλύτερα. απλά καλέστε 2424 2770 ή email office@friendshipcircle.eu

Μπορείτε να βοηθήσετε τόσο πολύ , αν είστε πρόθυμοι να δινετε. Αυτά τα πράγματα θα διατεθούν αμέσως σε ανθρώπους που τα χρειάζονται.



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